How to Prevent Car Wash Damages

Car washes can be interesting experiences, especially for young children. It’s either one of their first looks at a fully automated machine, or it’s terrifying because there is a monster in those bubbles and brushes that will probably eat them up. For most adults, however, the monster is real and targets wallets instead of kids.

Damage can be done to a car as it rolls through the wash as well as after, and getting the help of car wash repair services can be expensive. In order to confidently wash your car and ensure it actually gets clean and stays undamaged, then try these tips.

car wash repair services

First, the most common area of damage can be done with the type of brushes that scrub your car. The abrasive brushes can scrape away the paint and the finish and even leave scratches and scuff marks. While most of them can be buffed out or removed, some newer cars require the scratched areas to be repainted.

If you can find a hand wash system that runs on coins or a car wash that uses water nozzles and detergents but doesn’t touch your car, it’s a safer bet and cleans just as well. In addition, having the car be dried with dirty towels is another problem, as the dirt on the towels is simply going to cause scratches. Driving in a wet car is just as fine as getting it dried.

Finally, if your car does get damaged, tell someone or ask to see the manager. While many car washes have disclaimers about not being held for damages, the manager will at least offer an apology and can either show you how to fix the problem or maybe even fix it themselves to keep relations high.

So be sure to follow these tips to prevent any car wash damage, and you’ll be confident that your car will be safe every time it rolls through the machine.