How to make a bread by yourself and how to make it fresh longer than one day?

Nowadays, there are a lot of bakery shops in the street and bread is made of flour, preservative, sugar and other chemicals…After buying fresh bread from the shop to home, you can enjoy it with butter, jam and milk… At first, when the bread is still hot, it is a little bit hard to cut but it is not a matter at all as the bread is so yummy to enjoy that that time. How’s about the day after? Do you remember how the bread status? Well, it likes a stone and I swear that I am not a liar. This bread become so stale in the next morning day, you see. Nhà cái win2888

I just want to say that needless to say, everybody like bread but only when it is fresh.

Therefore, I research on the internet how can we solve this problem and I found one in the best food vacuum sealer reviews. It turns out that you just need a vacuum sealer to keep the bread stay fresh. Many people do not like preservatives and so am I. If you want to make home cook bread without preservatives, the vacuum sealer is the best solution for you now. The bread can be used more than one day. Some housewives tried to freeze the bread and they found that this method is not useful at all, especially in the busy life. They do not have enough time to thaw the frozen bread as they are always in rush for the family. Even when they can thaw the frozen bread, it never stays in good condition as the bread may still be cold inside or burnt outside. Continue reading